Tosia 5L – Non-Clumping Litter for Cats

TOSIA  is a super absorbent zoological litter. It comes in the form of crushed granules shaped into 4 mm diameter pellets. Made 100% from natural plant-based ingredients without any chemical additives.





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Non-Clumping Wooden Litter for Cats and Rodents

It effectively absorbs moisture, keeping the environment clean for a long time. Importantly, it does not absorb moisture from the surrounding air, preventing it from sticking to animals’ paws. With a low pH, it excellently binds unpleasant ammonia odors. TOSIA is hypoallergenic, fully biodegradable, and compostable. Its microbiological purity is a significant advantage. The pleasant pine scent creates a friendly environment easily accepted by animals. The used litter does not stick to the litter box, ensuring daily comfort for both pets and their owners. The product color may vary between spring-summer and autumn-winter periods due to material drying, which causes the product to darken.

TOSIA Litter Instructions for Use:

  • Fill the litter box/cage to a height of 5 cm.
  • Regularly remove solid waste.
  • When the pellets are fully broken down (moist pellets disintegrate, indicating the litter’s usage state) or when an unpleasant odor appears, remove the litter with a scoop, dispose of it in a biological waste bin, compost it, or flush it down the toilet in small amounts.
  • With each litter change, thoroughly wash and dry the litter box/cage.
  • Maintain basic hygiene practices.

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