Tofik 7 L – Clumping Litter for Cats, Crumbled

Looking for an ecological and economical clumping litter for your cat? Check out Tofik zoological pellet. Tofik comes in the form of a crumble made from pine sawdust and natural ingredients that provide clumping properties. Its low pH ensures that this wooden litter effectively neutralizes the unpleasant odor of ammonia.





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Tofik Clumping Wooden Litter

TOFIK is a super-absorbent, highly efficient cat litter. It has the form of granules. It is made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients without any chemical additives. It excellently absorbs moisture, allowing for long-lasting cleanliness. Importantly, it does not absorb moisture from the surroundings, meaning it does not stick to the paws of pets. Thanks to its low pH, it effectively neutralizes the unpleasant smell of ammonia. TOFIK cat litter is lightweight, hypoallergenic, completely biodegradable, and compostable. A significant advantage is its microbiological purity. A pleasant pine aroma creates a friendly environment easily accepted by animals. The used litter does not stick to the litter box, providing comfort for daily use for both pets and their owners.

Tofik – Clumping Pellets for Cat Litter Box

Clumping wooden litter is an extremely practical solution for those who do not want to change the entire contents of the litter box every few days. The Tofik cat litter absorbs and then clumps the cat urine into lumps, which are very easy to remove with a scoop. After removing the soiled litter, simply add fresh litter, and your pet can enjoy a clean litter box again.

Tofik Clumping Wooden Sand for Cats

Tofik cat litter is not only lightweight but also hypoallergenic, completely biodegradable, compostable, and friendly for cat paws. Another advantage of this pellet is its microbiological purity and natural scent, creating a friendly environment easily accepted by pets.

TOFIK Litter Box Bedding – Usage Instructions:

  • Fill the litter box to a height of about 5 cm.
  • Regularly remove solid waste and urine clumps. As the litter level decreases, refill it to the initial height.
  • If an unpleasant odor appears, remove the substrate with a scoop, dispose of it in a bio-waste bin, compost it, or dispose of it in small amounts in the toilet.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the litter box with each substrate change.
  • Maintain basic hygiene principles.

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