Tekla 25L Corn Cat Litter

Are you a cat owner and want the best for your furry friend? If you’re looking for high-quality litter for your pet, we recommend our clumping wooden pellet for animals. It exhibits high absorbency and efficiency. The litter comes in the form of small – 3 mm – cylinders. It is made from sawdust and corn, without the addition of any chemical substances.





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Tekla – clumping litter for cats

TEKLA is a highly absorbent, extremely efficient clumping litter made from mini corn granules dedicated to cats. It comes in the form of crushed granules shaped like cylinders with a diameter of 3mm. Made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, without any chemical additives, TEKLA litter excellently absorbs moisture, allowing cleanliness to be maintained for a long time. It is characterized by not sticking to the paws of animals. It is completely biodegradable and compostable. Its microbiological cleanliness is undeniable. Clumping litter provides comfort for daily use for both pets and their owners.

Clumping pellet for litter box

The owner of a house where a cat lives has to deal with maintaining order – the problem is not only the ubiquitous fur, but also the litter carried on the animal’s paws. Our proposed wooden pellet for cats will help you keep a clean home because clumping litter does not stick to the paws. Additionally, TEKLA absorbs moisture very well, ensuring freshness for longer.

Wooden clumping litter – functionality and cleanliness

Corn clumping litter for cats is a great solution for people who value convenience and quick litter box cleaning. It is biodegradable, so all you have to do is throw the clumped pieces of litter into the toilet, without creating waste. TEKLA litter is a comfortable solution for both the owner and the cat.

TEKLA litter – how to use:

1. Fill the litter box to a height of about 5 cm.
2. Remove solid waste and clumps of urine regularly. As the litter decreases, top it up to the initial height.
3. When an unpleasant odor appears, remove the substrate using a scoop, dispose of it in a biodegradable waste bin, compost it, or dispose of it in small portions in the toilet.
4. Thoroughly clean and dry the litter box with each substrate change.
5. Observe basic hygiene principles.

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