Order processing time begins immediately after you place your order, and you will receive an email confirmation with a link to click on. Once the order is accepted, we commence its processing, and you will be kept informed of our progress.

Delivery time = shipping time + delivery time

The shipping time depends on the availability of products and the chosen method of payment, while the delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method.

Product Availability

Each product has a specified time indicating when the products can be shipped – from 24 hours to several, sometimes even several days (for hard-to-access products). We make every effort to ensure that the offer presented on the website corresponds to the real stock levels; however, the actual delivery time may be extended – we will inform you of this promptly.

If you order a larger quantity of products, the shipping time for the entire order is adjusted to the product with the longest shipping time. Orders can be fulfilled in stages – to do this, please contact us or enter the appropriate note in the order comments.

Payment Method

Electronic payment – the most convenient and very fast way to process your order. During business hours, funds are usually transferred to our account immediately.

Bank transfer payment – the order processing time depends on when the payment is credited. Depending on the bank, this usually takes up to two business days.

Payment upon delivery (currently unavailable due to the pandemic) – the fastest payment method, allowing for immediate order processing. Please note that this method is also subject to additional delivery costs.

Delivery Method

The courier company usually delivers the order within 1-2 business days from dispatch.

“Dear Sir/Madam,

in accordance with safety regulations, the principle of delivery “to the door” is currently not applicable.

The courier may ask the recipient to come outside to collect the parcel. If the recipient refuses to collect the package outside, the courier has the right to consider it a “refusal to accept” and withhold delivery.

Safety regulations are available on our website.

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