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Non-clumping products

TOSIA is the most popular non-clumping litter with granules of 4-5 mm diameter. It is made from pine sawdust. This litter is a basic, economical substrate designed to meet the daily needs of animals. Its task is to absorb as much urine as possible. In the case of using TOSI, the granules swell as they absorb moisture, then disintegrate. Tosi is commonly used by cat owners and rodent owners, both large and small.

TUPEK similar to TOSI, TOSIA is non-clumping, but its granules have a diameter of 3 mm, making it suitable for smaller rodents and small cats. The smaller granules are also more friendly to the paws of animals.

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TOFIK is a clumping litter made from pine sawdust and natural clumping agents, plant fibers. The clumping properties of the additives cause the litter to absorb moisture initially and then bind urine into clumps, which can be easily removed with a scoop. If we refill the gap in the litter box, we will have a fully functional litter again.

TYMEK is lumping litter with 3 mm granules. It stands out in that it swells less and its granules bond more tightly together. As a result, fewer particles are formed, so cats are less likely to carry them out of the litter box. The properties of Tymek are mainly praised by owners of long-haired cats.

TEKLA It is produced from corn and is also a clumping litter, which, like TYMEK, has a granulation of 3 mm.

TIMON It resembles ordinary sand in appearance but has clumping properties. It is characterized by its gentle texture for the paws of cats and highest efficiency. The sand-like consistency means that when removing clumped waste, only a small amount of sand is removed with it, so TIMON lasts a long time.

Worth knowing

Non-clumping litters are made from pine sawdust, while clumping litters are made from pine sawdust with a mixture of natural clumping additives. TEKLA contains corn. We do not add any chemical additives, which makes our products hypoallergenic and microbiologically clean, as confirmed by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute. However, during litter changes, it’s important to observe basic hygiene principles and always thoroughly clean and dry litter boxes and cages before adding new litter.

Detailed information along with instructions for use can be found with each product in the store or on the product packaging.

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Questions about litter

Yes, pet litter is completely safe for animals. Due to its natural composition and lack of harmful chemicals, it poses no threat to your pet's health. It is also odorless and hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for most household pets.

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